A little bit about me. Hmmmm. What to say? Well I guess it makes sense to start with photography. I first caught the photo-bug at the tender age of 18 when my brothers clubbed together to buy me a Canon 3000 SLR. I’d just finished school and was working in a call centre saving all my pennies to go traveling. I started to play with the camera, to experiment. I wasnt very good. Learning to take photographs with a film camera really gave me an appreciation that every shot counts, because at that time it costed to buy and develop more film. In 6 incredible months travelling I shot 22 rolls of film, carrying most of them with me until I got home. That’s a maximum of 792 photos. I could shoot that in an afternoon these days.

Over the proceeding years I tried to save the world a little bit at a time. A photo is a window on a specific place and time and can be incredibly powerful.  My camera became something constant at my side. With the upgrade to a digital SLR in 2004 I started to realise that even though it was easier to take lots of images, actually thinking about your photo was still important as the cost came with time post-processing images.

Over the years I’ve been extremely fortunate to work in some incredible places for some fantastic organisations including Outrop in Borneo, the Chimpanzee Rehab Trust in Gambia (with Stella’s School Scheme and the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust), Whale and Dolphin Conservation in Scotland the Payamino Project in Ecuador amongst others. I’ve always kept my camera with me throughout these adventures and you’ll see a variety of shots on the site taken in these brilliant places.

More recently I’ve been placed firmly at home near Glasgow in Scotland. As I concentrate more and more on web design my camera is starting to get a bit dusty though I did crack it out in Canada over the summer which was great. I’m often asked to take pics for clients or just for friends and family too.

Generally I’m never happier than when I’m exploring somewhere new with the camera in my hand. If you’d like me to take some photos for you, please get in contact.