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"in the rainforest, there is nowhere that has got nothing, and everything you can see is alive"

Fiona Morton, 2009



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EX... was an exhibition of work following on from the 2009 Ecuador expedition to San Jose de Payamino. Working together with an environmental artist (Kate Foster) and geographer/photographer (Martin Muir) five zoology students worked on the theme 'Payamino: a live(d) experience', questioning what kinds of liveliness the rainforest offers. Not only are tropical rainforest systems alive and highly diverse, but people also live in this environment and all of the EX... participants lived this experience too.


Housed within a rainforest 'hut' in the Hunterian Zoology Museum at the University of Glasgow, each work (photographs, drawings or texts) conveyed something about what aspect of the liveliness of the rainforest meant to each participant personally.

EX.. was in-situ in the Zoology Museum from Thursday 19th November until Friday 18th December 2009.


By following the links above you find out more about the background to the exhibition, the participants themselves and their work. You can also contribute directly to the project by leaving your own exchange on our noticeboard.


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Eyelashed Forest Frog, Edalohhina perezi, Martin Muir

Butterfly Wing, Sarah Macdonald

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